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You want greater success and impact but, don't know how to go from "here" to "there".

Invest in yourself during this downtime by joining the ranks of 100+ career and business leaders that have seen the transformation, growth, and results from the Masterplan Class to:


  1. Review your personal, professional, financial, and impact goals

  2. Evaluate your current career and business positioning

  3. Develop a work and life plan to increase your income, influence, and impact 

  4. Design your personal brand to catapult your career and business success

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Najma Juma 

Digital Creator, Founder, She's Bold Network

"I realised in life you can go through things until you forget what you used to dream about. [Through the Masterplan Class], I went back to my original power. I went back and evaluated things that I used to love, and do. I now understand my purpose, I won't let anything stop me again!

This wasn't just coaching, I experienced love. Modesta believes in me. She came at a time when I was so broken. Everything I went through in life was a stepping stone to my purpose, to my mission. It [The Masterplan Class] changed how I see my past, and my challenges.

I am no longer ashamed of my past. I am proud of who I am today because I had this chance to get direction, to plan my future.


I would recommend the Masterplan Class to anybody!" 

When I saw what Najma was doing on social media, I saw greatness, yet she seemed hesitant, and contained. 

A newly wed and young mother, Najma openly admitted to being overwhelmed by her new roles, and wondering whether there was any way to revive the creative, and passionate woman committed to empowering women and girls.

In the Masterplan Class, Najma immersed herself in individual assignments and group discussions, and brought 150% to private one on one sessions with me. 

Najma was intentional about growing in character, competence, and interpersonal connections to excel at both work, and life. Her questions were always deep and challenging, her contributions, both introspective, and inclusive. With wisdom and sincere curiosity, she spoke to the things that mattered the most to her; purpose, values, relationships, boundaries, target audience, impact.

Najma wants to position to equip women and girls to transform the world, initially through She's Bold Network and Podcast, and later, strategic leadership roles in Africa. The Masterplan Class equipped her to start with the woman she has the greatest influence on, herself.

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