You'd like to experience greater success and significance but don't know how to go from "here" to "there".

Your dissatisfaction is beginning to show at home and at work. 

And since you've done all you know to do, and don't know what you don't know, you continue to spin your wheels on the same spot and go nowhere fast. 

You wonder if you could find that sweet spot between passion, proficiency, and profit so you can spend each day doing what makes you come alive without compromising your income and freedom to enjoy your success and impact.

"Driven out of control


I was running on fumes by the time I admitted that I couldn't continue living by default, I had to create my success by design.

Today I enjoy a life that aligns my purpose, pursuits, and profit. 

This is now non-negotiable.


I only invest time, energy, and finances on what brings meaningful returns in wellbeing, relationships, wealth, and legacy.

I can help you do the same."


Your success by design

Join the ranks of 120+ career and business leaders that have grown their income, impact and freedom to enjoy their work and life through the Masterplan Class to:


  1. Clarify your purpose and priorities

  2. Connect results-based goals

  3. Cultivate a brand that elevates your value as a solution provider

  4. Customize systems that consistently grow your income and impact

  5. Create and enjoy a life of freedom and fulfillment




"I joined the Masterplan class in the Spring of 2020. During this time the COVID pandemic was really shifting how we do sales, marketing, and branding. During this time, it was also easy for people to lose focus, slip into depression, or just simply be frustrated with the current state of the world.

The Masterplan class was excellent! Modesta guided me and a group of women business owners from around the world on a process of clarity, focus, and excellence. She connected me to a group of likeminded business owners, an accountability group while coaching each one of us every step of the way!

I am leaving the Masterplan Class feeling more confident. Feeling more focused, knowing I can always look back at my Personal Development Plan for guidance and strategies on how I intentionally move my personal and professional goals forward! I have full clarity of my purpose and the courage to live it out boldly in the marketplace!"


Dr. Argrow “Kit” Evans-Ford

Theology Professor & Founder, Argrow’s Housewww.argrowshouse.orgBath and body products handmade by women survivors of violence.

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