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Ever Wonder if There is More Than This?

There is no doubt that you are an achiever but, you are stuck in your career or business, and don't know why.


You sometimes catch yourself second-guessing whether you are the right person for the job, or, whether this is the right place for you.


You want greater success and impact but, don't know how to go from here to there.

This is what you need to know, you didn't come this far to only get this far.

The Masterplan Class is a transformational 10-week online career and business coaching program that equips you to:

clarify your purpose, and design a career or, business that propels you to the success and significance you deserve and are willing to work for.

Join the ranks of the 70+  market leaders that have taken the Masterplan Class.




Lotus Menezes-Robson

Lawyer, Author, Artist, Certified Dance Instructor, Canada

With roles in both the corporate and creative worlds, Lotus has always worn her many hats with natural ease, fiery passion and a spirit of excellence.

For decades she had been able to juggle her full-time role as a lawyer, part-time schedule as a salsa dance instructor, complete devotion to the fine arts she has loved since childhood, and her life-long commitment to supporting communities. Whether she had to swim to an island on the Indian Ocean to raise funds, or volunteer pro bono legal services at a rehabilitation hospital, Lotus would do it.

Then, global travel and motherhood set in.


When Lotus joined the Masterplan Class, she arrived with all her passions, each with a long "to-do" list. Only at this point in her life, she realized that without a plan to redefine and prioritize what works for her and her family, the growing list of open projects would never end.

Checking in on her months down the line, Lotus has now finished the illustrations and co-published her first of many books  "Birds Birds Everywhere: Birds of the Dominican Republic" available on Amazon.com in both English and Spanish (yes, Lotus is also multilingual, she also speaks her native, Swahili).


She has also recently received certification as a Zumba Instructor.

Lotus has now found a rhythm and structure that works for her, her husband and children.


She continues to hosts art classes for mothers and children, and gallery exhibitions. Her artwork continues to be sought after, and commissioned by business establishments the world over. What about practicing law? Yup! She does that too; consulting in international business law.

I always say, "there is always a way, you just need strategy." Lotus Menezes-Robson is living proof of that.

Email Lotus: lotusmenezes@gmail.com