How Personal Baggage Sabotages Professional Progress

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

"Bag lady, you gon' miss your bus." Erykah Badu did warn us!


When you are unclear about your identity, deceived about your self-worth, unsure of your purpose, and undisciplined in your mind, emotions, and body, it will show in your work.

We more openly speak about challenges at work affecting our lives than we do about our private lives impacting our work effectiveness.

Truth is, no matter what challenge you face at work, when you are secure, focused, and operating within healthy boundaries with self and others, you will overcome it and continue to soar, whether at the same occupation or, another.

We are products of our upbringing and socialization. In your formative years, you either built a healthy or unhealthy mindset and habits regarding your identity, self-esteem, risk appetite, relationship boundaries, financial stewardship, etc.

Whatever you were told and observed from caretakers or, in the absence of, the dominant influence over your life, that is what you packaged together and later brought to your professional life, whether it served you well or, not.

How people think of self and others, what vision they have of their lives, and how far they see the workplace being a part of their fulfilling that vision and ultimately, their life’s purpose, plays a significant role in influencing how they perform, relate and progress at work.

To “do” better on the outside, you first have to “be” better on the inside.

You know the saying, “hurt people hurt people.”; well, it is also true that healed people heal people. At the slightest incident, a hurt person takes offense, reacts, schemes, and sabotages progress as a defense mechanism. A healed person, even when provoked, will find opportunity to overlook, act with tact, and collaborate to propel to even greater gains.

Acknowledging that we may carry baggage from our personal life into our workplaces, allows us to seek the support we need for areas of imbalance.

I have always been a performer and, on talent alone got only so far, before my baggage sabotaged my progress.

Wearing a professional profile over a broken identity and self-esteem has a way of showing at work - I “did” all I knew to do but, kept on getting the same results. 

It was only when I learned who I was in God, received the unconditional (non-performance based) love and acceptance from healthy relationships, and celebrated my uniqueness and abilities (flaws and all), that I was able to rest in true identity, love, and purpose.

The impact of rest in my spirit, soul, and body, has given me clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue and achieve even more, both personally and professionally.

Are you stuck at the same level and experiencing setbacks in your career or business?

The challenge may lie deeper than the level corporate training can reach.

I’ve been there. I can help.

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