Reach Your Goals in Seconds

The second your mind registers that you’re veering off track on your goals is the moment you get back on!

In 2020 you will discover the secrets of the highly effective - they reboot and restart immediately, making no excuse for remaining off course a second longer than they have to.

Missed an appointment? Don't hide. Reach out to reschedule and deliver anyway. Lost a client? Seek feedback and go the extra mile with them or, the next one you pursue.

Ruined your diet? Make it right with the next thing you put in your mouth. Messed up your budget? Right there and then, get your phone out and revise it to what you have now.

One of the ways we sabotage the goals we set for ourselves is by telling ourselves “I’ll get back on when it’s next convenient.”

There is never a convenient time to do the right thing. Now is the only time we are assured of.

In 2020, join the ranks of highly effective people by seizing each moment, understanding that every second count. Struggling to stick to your commitments? Here are my 3 mindset hacks to crushing your goals: 1. Do what you can even if you can’t do all that you want (fight the urge to dismiss your effort as too small to matter - you are training your mind to view you as a finisher, as a winner) 2. Expect to stay and express that you will stay on track to successfully complete what’s before you to do (fight the voice that reminds you how undisciplined you usually are in this area, and speak out loud that you are a finisher!) 3. Get back on track the second you realize you have veered off. Even if you are 1000 km off track, steer back on course the instant you are conscious of being off, even if you have done that countless times before. We are human and life happens, between these two realities, you will have to fight, subdue, and master your mind, as well as get your body into action on a daily basis until what is a struggle today, becomes routine tomorrow. You’ve got this. And I’ve got you. Reach out where you need support with success strategies to get you started and staying on course to meeting your income, influence and impact goals. #Focus #Purpose #Lead #Boldly #Africa #Career #Business #Success #Strategy

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