Start the Year with 2020 Vision

How to See Opportunities to Increase Your Income, Influence, and Impact

Happy New Year, My Friends!

When your eye test results come back 20-20, it means you have perfect vision.

As you begin 2020, I want you to still every screaming voice and anxious thought that is wondering “how will things turn out?” and remind yourself, “I was created on purpose for purpose.” 

This means you are wired to overcome all challenges and come out on top, no matter what!

Arming yourself with this mindset, you “purpose” in your heart to find out “why” you are here so that you can “focus” your mind to do “what” you are supposed to do in 2020 to experience peace, progress and prosperity in every area of your life, all year round, no matter what is going on.

“Purpose” gives you “perfect vision”. This means that when you filter everything in and around you through the lens of “purpose”, you can daily see and plan “how” to increase your income, influence and impact in 2020.

Would you like to experience that?

Do you want personal guidance on how to discover your purpose, and excel at work and life?

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