That "Thing" You Do is Your Money Maker

“It’s just a hobby I’ve had for years.” “I only do it for family and friends” “It’s just my “go-to” thing when I want to relax” “That! No, that’s nothing serious” “I can’t take that to market, who would want to pay for that?”

Any of these sound familiar? There are things you do as second nature; you could do them in your sleep. Can you think of the one thing that those around you seem to always leave to you? You have unique abilities in your personality, behavior, skills, and experience that make others feel comfortable approaching you about, rather than others (even those that may also show similar strengths). Even if it’s just a thing you have done since you were younger, it’s time you took a good look at, and embraced your uniqueness because that, my friend, is your money maker!

We struggle so much to find “the in thing” to do so that we too can “make it big”, not realizing that we are already a big deal just as we are.

We need to look no further than the knowledge, skills, attitude, and experience we already have to find the making of the product or service that when we put to market, will generate all the income, influence and impact we ever dreamed of having.

The question then, is not, “what should I do?”, rather, “how can I develop, package and promote what I can do?”

Not sure how to monetize your uniqueness?

That’s where I come in. Connect with me on www. #Focus #Purpose #Lead #Boldly

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