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Turn Disappointment to Development – Learn to DIY

December 31, 2017


So, I have always been one of those people who tries to learn everything so that I am never caught off guard or worse, am unable to help someone in need. In my early teens I learnt sign language, self-defense, first aid, wood, metal and leather work and privately dabbled in electrical works. I kid you not, I’m weird like that.

This continued until I took a Project Management certification course which, in my estimation, would have served us all better if another colleague did. I have since stopped trying to be a jack of all trades (“stopped” is such a strong word! Let’s say, I have drastically reduced the tendency to want to learn everything). I now employ the services of others and partner with those with specific expertise, so that we can mutually benefit from each other’s knowledge.

Turning Disappointment to Development

This was until this month. There are several people I work with on different projects whose contribution is vital to my timely and quality delivery. My people have been unreliable, for quite some time now but as we say in Swahili “imebidi nichukuliane nao” – I have had to make allowances for shortcomings.

More recently however, getting alarmed by just how far behind I continue to get on my work, I have decided to take matters in my own hands. Instead of waiting or allowing projects to go dormant, I have rolled up my sleeve and started doing what they usually do for me.

A lot of what I am taking on is tech-oriented and although I shut down on all things ICT beyond Microsoft Suite and Apple products, desperate times call for desperate measures!

After all, now more than ever, technology allows non-tech people to access, understand and operate ICT programs. We don’t need to learn coding (although even that is proving to be quite attractive to me at the moment).

There are programs, apps and add-ons that make performing tech functions easy for almost anyone who can read and write. So, this is it! It is a new era! My disappointments are turning into opportunities for development. If I have the time, access and need for the service for daily operations, I will google how to do it myself. Goodbye missed deadlines, goodbye dependencies, so long retainer fees. If I can learn to do it without compromising output, I will.

Do it Yourself

This has really awakened the geek in me and I hope this will speak to you too. You may depend on others for things that if you just put aside a little time, you could well learn to do yourself. Who knows, you may even find a hidden talent or interest, you didn’t know you had. So, next time, you find yourself getting frustrated because too much of what you do depends on other people’s inputs, take time to evaluate what it would take to do it yourself and Turn Disappointment to Development.




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