Teams thrive when individual purpose meets institutional vision


Do any of these ring true with your team?

  • You meet with resistance when you try to pull individuals to collaborate

  • Some elevate themselves and undermine teammates

  • There are factions in the team, with some running their own operations under your operation

  • Team building retreats are not building your team

  • No one lives the organizational values


 "The secret to building a cohesive team that deliver results lies in prioritizing purpose, identifying individual motivation, leveraging collective strengths, and reinforcing culture."

Modesta Mahiga-Mbughuni

How well does your organization fair against this Team Effectiveness Checklist?


1. Validate Vision - Do you have a clear purpose, vision, and mission? Have you been effectively and consistently communicating them to individuals and the collective team?

Effectively communicating purpose, vision, and mission attracts individuals and anchors the team's "why" of working together.

2. Curate Culture - Do you know the culture you want to promote? Have you intentionally developed it? Do you have a system to uphold, learn from, and improve on it?

You can only develop what you first define and design. Imagine and create the environment you want your team to thrive in.

3. Recruit Right - Can you describe desired character and competence? Do you know what individual and team traits you are looking for? Do you check for these when recruiting partners, employees, vendors, etc.?


Common wisdom says, "hire for attitude". The best way of determining whether an individual has the character and competency to work well in a team is to vet for it during the selection process.

4. Pinpoint Purpose - Do you know each individual's purpose and plans? Have you integrated them as part of their personal development plan?


Even as they work towards organizational goals, people serve their intrinsic motivation. As far as is practicable, find and integrate their desires so that in working for you, they also fulfill personal aspirations.

5. Reinforce Resolution - Do you have a strategy to build your team?  Do you have a system of entrenching that strategy? Do you daily, intentionally, and consistently reinforce team cohesion and effectiveness?


Entrench the mindset, behaviors, work ethic, and delivery standards you seek as a strategy, not only for the annual team-building retreat but, as a systemic and cross-cutting agenda throghout the year.

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