Imelda Lutebinga-Kisongo

UN Women Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador - Tanzania

Modesta Modesta Modesta!! Woooh where do I even start… My Naomi.
Modesta is an incredible leader, coach and mentor who is totally committed to grooming leaders both in their professional and personal lives. She keeps you focused and accountable, and provides an unbiased point of view. Modesta guides you to articulate a clear vision of where you would like to be, say, upon retirement; and you start working backwards from the imagined destination to see what it takes or, what you would require to get there. Modesta is devoted to taking the time to understand your goals, dreams and aspirations and is dedicated to your success and finding new ways / tools to support you.
She is a phenomenal woman of God who by coming from her heart, has a unique insight and tremendous ability to connect with leaders (people) where they really are at, inspiring and nurturing them to move to the next level as they pursue their Purpose with Excellence!
Modesta looks at the whole picture and relates it’s to God’s Divine purpose for you, and is a constant reminder of leading by example as a leader. I am continually growing in all areas by leaps and bounds with Modesta’s coaching. I am truly thankful for her in my life!

Phumla Motsa Wamukoya

Consultant in Occupational Therapy

I have known Modesta since we were 13/14 years old, we met in the residential corridors of our high school, Waterford Kamhlaba in Swaziland and have been sisters ever since. I have always benefited from Modesta’s ‘straight talk’ and ability to cut through issues and unravel potential in people. Through our constant interactions and discussions I  have come to know that I am not simply a qualified Occupational Therapist making a living to pay my bills. I am an African Health System Leader destined to achieve a Phd (prophetic word) and contribute  to the health economics system of the African continent.
Modesta’s teachings  and guidance have helped and continue to help me to remove any form of complacency, laziness or short cut mentality in the way I work.
With focus and tenacity, I stand tall to do what I am passionate about and what my Father has called me to do. One of the tools I will use is the Purpose and Excellence Facebook Live Coaching to refine and focus my purpose. I am confident that Modesta’s resources and current platform can transform and make a positive contribution in the way that I work and do life.

Lillian Secelela Madeje

Managing Director, Ekihya, Ltd

There are some paths in life that are just God ordained and such was my path with Modesta. This woman was my idol, who became my boss, coach, sister and now mentor. Fresh from University and looking for a job opportunity, I sought out Modesta for the purpose of being in her recruitment database to be forwarded to possible employers but she had other plans for me and thats how my leadership journey began. Modesta believed in me in ways that were scary to the human understanding, I for one didn’t understand her faith in me. I am where I am and the leader that I am because I learnt from the best, she is real and she is raw. She tells it as it is and helps you grow.
Looking back, I honestly am thankful that our paths crossed as she helped build my character and kingdom business principles. I did not understand the concept of business tithing, which she practiced, when working under her but when I started my own company, I understood the favor of God and the importance of committing and thanking God for all the blessings in form of business that comes through to the company. I can continue on and on, on how this woman is my go-to person but I would like to sum it up and say Modesta has a calling of grooming leaders and she is GREAT AT IT!

Khalila (Kellz) Mbowe

Founder & MD: Unleashed Africa Company Limited

 I will start by saying that everybody needs a Modesta in their lives.

There are no words I can write or articulate that would contain the wonder that is this amazing woman. I met her years ago when I had just come into Tanzania and was working to find my place in the world. Her fire and excitement for the things in me that she saw even before I did, fueled me into curiosity; to find out what she saw in me. As I told her of my passions, the insight she immediately had of my purpose was profound. She saw the greatness in me while I was still fumbling in confusion and mediocrity.

Modesta gives it to you raw. She is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to inspiring people to grow in their capacity as leaders. She has been a mentor, a counselor and a coach like no other. She tells you what you might not want to hear and helps you see what you don’t want to see with the relentless drive of helping you become all that you are destined to be. To top it all off, all that she does, she does all that with unmatched class, poise, and excellence.

Emma Mbaga

Communications and Events Consultant, ENM Connect

Before I met Modesta I already had heard so much about her both on a spiritual and professional level. When I met Mode at the Purpose and Leadership Forum that I run, I was intimidated at first until I realised she is one of the friendliest, loving people who has a passion for God and our Country. When you speak to her you realise she is passionate about excellence and would impart it to anyone who would listen to or, is associated with her.
Modesta has a burden to grow people and make them rise up to their potential that she sees inside them. Recently she knocked me over when she took us through a session on this PLF forum where she facilitated on Connecting Purpose and our Country’s Vision. The way she tackled our country’s vision and how all of us can participate was very enlightening, Modesta managed to make all of us feel we have a part to play in the success of not only our country but, Africa as a whole. We now feel a burden to go and act and participate in growing our country from the family level to the entire African Continent. Modesta is a gifted speaker, she is motivational and inspirational. and I love her to bits

Dr. Dorothy Shallua

Founder of Women Empowerment

Modesta is well versed in purpose and excellence!
I have known her through the ministry realm empowering women in all walks of life and at a professional level during the time she was coaching my daughter.
Her wisdom and understanding of purpose is in depth to propel many in their destiny. It’s been a joy working with her!

Abella Bateyunga

Executive Director, Tanzania Bora Initiative

1. What professional context we engaged in:
I met Modesta 9 years back when I was fresh from university and looking for a job, and she had an HR firm and my CV had caught their eyes and so we met for an informal interview, little did I know that was the lifetime interview, my life was about to take a 360 turn for good, and that I was just stepping into an encounter of a lifetime, unreserved IMPACT that will transform me and many to come.
In our interview we connected beyond usual both mind-wise and spiritually, and so instead of being recommended to her other clients for a job, she hired me herself, and am forever grateful for that one major decision she made.
Personally, I am and have always been a leader, and I have been self driven by the love for my country and positive change I want to bring to my community. However I had so much to learn in areas of leadership, business ethics, professionalism, self branding and networking, and my first real boss turned to also be my forever amazing mentor, through it all. We worked, I learned, I grew and I acted. And together we touched hearts, influenced spirits and transformed minds, this through the help of our Heavenly Father of course, because we both operated in the central understand that through God, we live, move and have our being.
2. What you have learned from me.
I learned that;
– True leadership starts from mind transformation, and there is no true mind transformation if you do not connect with the giver of life, God, through the help of His Holy Spirit and by the salvation that is brought by His Son Jesus Christ.
– That in business ethics carries the brand, defining self and business value and living by them gives assurance to the sustainability factor of the venture at hand.
– That true leadership is service to the community. That fame and money is just the after effect of servant-hood and they come and go hence they are not to be chased after, and that what I should always be after is the people transformation, so that they contribute to transform their surrounds, the rest is just added advantages.
– That tenacity and resilience in business and leadership is not handed on a silver plate, one will be tested to the point of almost thinking your losing your mind, however your vision should always guide you even when all seems to fail and everyone leaves you.
– That giving is not an option, a true leader gives their time, knowledge, possessions and even money to serve others, and a true leader understands that life is so much more than money or possession, this is not to disregard the importance of finances to advance the cause.
– That an honest soul can always be forgiven and trusted afresh even when a major mistake was committed by them, so I have learned to live truthful even when its hard and sometimes can lead towards missing bigger business deals.
– That asking for forgiveness does not make you small, but heals souls and mends relationships.
– That mentorship is a service we pay forward for what we have received from others and that’s how we cause major impact.
– And that true beauty is from the soul and spirit, and not body as the world will have it, and that everyone is beautiful in their own ways ?
– That, I am not my parent’s legacy, no matter how great or insignificant they might be. That I am born with my own individual purpose and I should strive to live it to the fullest with or without people’s approval.
– And that people’s opinion over my life does not have to become my reality. I am what God says I am ?
– And that when dealing with people Love should always lead, and forgiveness should never be an option, even when I do not understand, because forgiveness is more good for me than the one I will forgive.
3. How this has transformed your life for the better
I am a leader now that many young people look up to. I have learned mentorship from Modesta and now couple of decent young people look up to me too and request that I mentor them too, and I do it with so much joy because I know what mentorship has done to me. I currently running an NGO, a social enterprise and a business , I daily thank Modesta for teaching me directly and indirectly how to do the same. Funny thing is I have learned as much from her failures as from her successes, and I have been able to avoid many painful failures because she allowed me to be part of her journey and I learned earlier from seeing her practicing, and even when I fail, for me it has always been ‘failing forward’ because giving up is never an option, and that’s what she had majorly taught me.
4. What you were like before the intervention
I was a bit timid , not much networked and fearful to take bold decisions. Much of this changed through watching Modesta living her life truly, in her triumph and challenging seasons. She kept mentoring me and coaching my personal growth. Though I must confess this has never been a walk in the path, there are times we had our very low seasons, misunderstandings and growing pains almost made the road traveled fuzzy, however our faith, friendship, trust, respect for one another and shared vision keep us going. If I am to turn back the hands of times, I would re-live the entire story as it has been, would not change a line. I have met many colleagues and business partners that continue to help me grow ever since, but I must confess I am yet to meet another encounter as this, and I am eternally grateful ?
‘I am because we are’

Charles Porter

My first encounter with Modesta in a professional context was ironically by reputation.

Since 2008, I had been working on bringing intellectual capital investment into the local economy by connecting high level professionals with people in their field in Tanzania. We were calling this “the Ocean Professional Development Series.” Our first major seminar was under development with foreign guests scheduled. As we looked at the conclusion of seminar, our desire was to have a feedback/interactive segment hosted by someone local who would have the proper amount of gravitas to their reputation to lead this session. We also wanted someone who had a similar worldview and the professional competence to lead the panel as an equal with our guests.

My team immediately and emphatically recommended Modesta. For them it was a foregone conclusion. Their assessment was only lacking in that they didn’t give her enough credit! While part of my social network, I had not had a chance until then to see her “in action.” Her leadership and quick grasp of complex ideas in the cultural context in which we were working was exceptional.

Since that seminar, we have worked together on several projects. I have also had opportunity to interact with her organization. Modesta doesn’t just lead, she surrounded herself with people of excellence.

My own life has been enriched by someone who has taken seriously the idea of investing in others around her. She remains a source for culture learning and has her passionate desire to invest in her generation and in her nation should be copied and replicated in the heart of every Tanzanian.

I have an interesting relationship with Modesta. It is rare to have someone in your circle that has at times been under my leadership, while at other times we have been in a peer level relationship. At other times I have served under her. It is the sign of an exceptional leader when they can flow between roles without allowing position to affect relationship. In my assessment, that alone sets Modesta apart as a rare talent among leaders and consultants.

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Irene Kiwia

I have had the privilege of knowing Modesta for more than 8 years at both a professional and personal level. Modesta is an accomplished, well-known and reputable entrepreneur, public figure, advocate, and human resource development expert. I have engaged with Modesta in multi levels: –

– As a consultant where she provided services to me personally and my company in areas of team building, personal development and effectiveness and strategic direction.
– As a peer/partner – where we worked together.

Personality Attributes:

Modesta’s personality is refreshing, vibrant, spirited, and passionate, a highly intellectual mindset and a great conversationalist. She commands attention, is presentable and graceful. Her nature is calming and she brings diverse perspectives not only as a specialist and consultant, but also at a human experiential level.

Her demeanor is one of zeal, accessibility, approachability and enthusiasm. Modesta is not only smart, but also keeps seeking for more knowledge while continuously striving for excellence.

Professional Attributes:

Known to be tenacious and a go-getter, Modesta has a very strong business and performance driven mindset. She is both street-smart and intellectual – a great combination which clients would be immediately drawn to and look up to. She is ambitious and will draw on all resources and options to resolve a challenging situation.

Modesta speaks with conviction of her subject matter. She has access to a strong network of influencers, movers and shakers, which she is able to leverage off of.


I am always impressed with her superior articulation, expression, and contemporary mindset that is deep rooted with values of excellence.


Modesta’s passion, drive and commitment towards developing leaders have always inspired me. Her message, which has always been well aligned with her actions, clearly speaks of her purpose; which is to develop leaders in different spheres of influence who will, in turn, change the world for the better.
Personally, she continues to transform and inspire me with her tenacity to overcome any challenge, while remaining faithful, hopeful and not wavering in delivering what she sets out to achieve. Her lessons have given me a toolkit of guidance that have greatly enhanced my business, leadership and personal acumen.

Masoud Salim Mohamed

1. What professional context you met Modesta in
Modesta and I are alumnus of President Obama’s Forum with Young African Leaders. We have successfully organized a Symposium for young Tanzanian leaders in 2010.
2. What you have learned from Modesta
a)Treating every detail with utmost professionalism. b) Tenacity.
3. How this has transformed your life for the better
I have adhered by utmost professionalism and added to it my positive attitude and this has allowed to touch many lives. So today, I am a better entrepreneur. I am a better lawyer.

Pamela Irengo

It’s very rare in life to meet a God fearing young mother with a lot of professional accolades under her belt; who not only has the passion to see other women excel in life and succeed but also has the courage to take no prisoners. A mentor to the leaders or as I call her, “my sister’s keeper” and, that’s my mentor-friend Modesta Lilian Mbughuni.
Our first meeting was more of a spiritual fellowship between two sisters that wanted to share or learn from each other about different life experiences but her leadership eye (I call it a drive to excellence) saw something in me that I didn’t see for myself so we began to talk about my work, businesses and so forth.
I was all over doing events management, property management, interior designing and real estate marketing just to name a few..and Modesta told me one thing that I will never forget; She said “My dear sister you are very talented and creative and you can do it all but, what is it that makes you get up at night excited and start writing down dreams, visions, aspirations and plans for it? Whatever it is, focus on it, prioritise and your life will be less hectic.” She didn’t stop there but, continued to mentor me through my business moves, decision making and kept on cheering for me through the ups and down of it.
I am still in awe of how well informed she is and the wisdom that she carries at such a young age and her professionalism (drive for excellency) in handling tasks or challenges in the business world taught me that there is no slacking or throwing a self pity party when things don’t go the way that I want them to but, always have a back up plan and be very well informed with any project that I am facing.
My professional interactions with Modesta have awakened me and now I focus not just on my passion but more on the purpose of it whenever I am making business choices or decisions.

Fortunatus Ekklesiah

Modesta has been my mentor for sometime and as a young professional one of the biggest things I’ve learned from her is that personal branding isn’t much about what people think about me, but who I really am and my destiny, and that understanding has helped me become more confident and authentic in my thoughts, choices and actions. It feels much better to only be accountable to my truth and it has led to right connections in several instances.

Samson Christopher Genya

Purpose & Excellence video series found me at a stage in my life where I felt exhausted, over-scheduled, overwhelmed and stuck. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing things, but I didn’t feel a sense of focus nor fulfillment. Now I feel energized, organized, in control and with focus. I like how Modesta brings down-to-earth, challenging and practical things, in a short video. You don’t get bored watching, but as you get enrich and apply them to your life, you see what success really means. You get true satisfaction in your life. I recommend this to everyone who wants to live!

Samuel Sasali

Before, I knew Modesta through Television Programs in Tanzania. Then It happened we worked together into three major projects. 1. Tanzania Kingdom Leadership Network in 2013 2. PACT Tanzania Restructuring through her company, Professional Approach 3. Raising Visionary Young Leaders through our church Victory Christian Centre Myself and my teams we have been impressed, inspired and impacted into 1. Commitment 2. Passions 3. Focus 4. Trustworthy

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