Lillian Secelela Madeje

Managing Director, Ekihya, Ltd

I am where I am and the leader that I am because I learnt from the best, she is real and she is raw. She tells it as it is and helps you grow. Looking back, I honestly am thankful that our paths crossed as she helped build my character and kingdom business principles. I understood the favor of God and the importance of committing and thanking God for all the blessings that come to the company. To sum it up, Modesta has a calling of grooming leaders and she is GREAT AT IT!

Phumla Motsa Wamukoya

Consultant in Occupational Therapy

Modesta’s teachings  and guidance have helped and continue to help me to remove any form of complacency, laziness or short cut mentality in the way I work. With focus and tenacity, I stand tall to do what I am passionate about and what my Father has called me to do. One of the tools I will use is the Purpose and Excellence Facebook Live Coaching to refine and focus my purpose. I am confident that Modesta’s resources and current platform can transform and make a positive contribution in the way that I work and do life.

Imelda Lutebinga-Kisongo

UN Women Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador - Tanzania

Modesta is an incredible leader, coach and mentor. She keeps you focused and accountable, and provides an unbiased point of view. Modesta guides you to articulate a clear vision of where you would like to be, say, upon retirement; and you start working backwards from the imagined destination to see what it takes or, what you would require to get there. I am continually growing in all areas by leaps and bounds with Modesta’s coaching.

Charles Porter

Founder, Life Cartography

My first encounter with Modesta in a professional context was ironically by reputation. Her leadership and quick grasp of complex ideas in the cultural context in which we were working was exceptional. My own life has been enriched by someone who has taken seriously the idea of investing in others around her.

Khalila (Kellz) Mbowe

Founder & MD: Unleashed Africa Company Limited

She saw the greatness in me while I was still fumbling in confusion and mediocrity. Modesta gives it to you raw. She is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to inspiring people to grow in their capacity as leaders. She has been a mentor, a counselor and a coach like no other. She tells you what you might not want to hear and helps you see what you don’t want to see with the relentless drive of helping you become all that you are destined to be. To top it all off, all that she does, she does all that with unmatched class, poise, and excellence.

Irene Kiwia

Founder & MD, Frontline Management

I have had the privilege of knowing Modesta for more than 8 years at both a professional and personal level. I have engaged with Modesta as a consultant where she provided services to me personally and my company in areas of team building, personal development and effectiveness and strategic direction. Modesta has a very strong business and performance driven mindset. Her lessons have given me a toolkit of guidance that have greatly enhanced my business, leadership and personal acumen.

Emma Mbaga

Communications and Events Consultant, ENM Connect

Before I met Modesta I already had heard so much about her both on a spiritual and professional level. When I met her at the Purpose and Leadership Forum that I run, I realised she is one of the friendliest, loving people who has a passion for God and our Country.  Modesta has a burden to grow people and make them rise up to their potential that she sees inside them. Modesta managed to make all of us feel we have a part to play in the success of not only our country but, Africa as a whole. 

Abella Bateyunga

Executive Director, Tanzania Bora Initiative

I met Modesta 9 years back when I was fresh from university and looking for a job, and she had an HR firm and my CV had caught their eyes and so we met for an informal interview, little did I know that was the lifetime interview, my life was about to take a 360 turn for good. I am and have always been a leader, but I had so much to learn in areas of leadership, business ethics, professionalism, self branding and networking, and my first real boss turned to also be my forever amazing mentor, through it all. 

Pamela Irengo

MD, Mepal

It’s very rare in life to meet a God fearing young mother with a lot of professional accolades under her belt. I was all over doing events management, property management, interior designing and real estate marketing just to name a few. Modesta told me one thing that I will never forget; She said “My dear sister you are very talented and creative and you can do it all but, what is it that makes you get up at night excited and start writing down dreams, visions, aspirations and plans for it? Whatever it is, focus on it, prioritize and your life will be less hectic.” 

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